20 February 2018

5 hottest bars in Seattle
Don't miss these awesome cocktail bars. The hottest places to unwind after dark.
Keep an eye on this bar
You don’t need one eye to enjoy this Belltown classic. In fact, most of the hip-grunge punters sport a pair of them whilst sipping multi-coloured drinks and eating spicy bar fare. Décor is equally non-mythological, although there’s a definite retro feel (think '50's diner with red vinyl booths). Perhaps the bar’s name hints at the state you might leave in, after so many cocktails, with such generous tots of premium liquor.
2421 First Ave Belltown
Tel: +206 4411677 www.cyclopsseattle.com
The Sloop
Slooper-size your beer for $1.75
It had to happen. And, of course, it had to happen in America. Doing a great boozy adaptation of Mickey D’s famous sales tactic, you can increase the volume of your beer (and your gut) to a mammoth 34 ounces. The jug is so enormous you’re even advised to hold it in both hands so as not to chip your teeth! But the best thing is, the bar doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t: it’s a fisherman’s dive bar and proud of it. Real as you’ll get.
2830 NW Market Street
Tel: +206 782 3330 www.theslooptavern.com
Edgar’s Cantina
Hits other bars out of the ballpark
Bases are loaded. So are you. Welcome to the home of the Seattle Mariners, the city’s Major League baseball team. And welcome to the team’s stadium bar, a homage to all things related.
You’ll enjoy bird’s eye views of the field, warm-up pen and scoreboard as well as a drinks menu which will knock you for a home run! Most of the cocktails are mescal based, like the Martinez Michelada, a sweet-spicy mix of the hard stuff, cayenne pepper and honey syrup.
Safeco Field 1250, 1st Ave S

Start the night off with a bang
Considering the bar’s logo depicts an actual cannon, one has to wonder how many drinks the owner had before sending his signage off to the printer. But though it may miss that extra “n”, there’s no disputing that this whiskey and bitters emporium is the place to come for serious liquor. Boasting the largest collection of spirits in the Western hemisphere, this dark, masculine and highly atmospheric place is just right for one or two of the strong stuff. Boom!
Tel: 928 12th Avenue
Tel: +206 264 6000 www.starwoodhotels.com/whotels/property/features/
Living Room
The Best Designed Bar in America
Don’t take our word for it (or even theirs). The accolade comes courtesy of last year’s International Restaurant and Bar Design Awards in London. The architects maintain the space is meant as a sonic lodge (we don’t know what that means) but it sure looks nice! Coloured walls, pink chandeliers and a fireplace and DJ booth make the place very space opera-ish. Drinks are equally cool, with sublime cocktails and an array of designer spirits.
1112 4th Avenue
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