20 July 2018

10 hottest bars in New York City
Don't miss these awesome cocktail bars. The hottest places to unwind after dark.
Death & Company
Celebrating the demise of Prohibition
What’s in a name? Well, in 1919, the Volstead Act put an end to American drinking and to imbibe was, considered by puritans, to live a life shadowed by death. Bah, humbug! Fortunately that killjoy philosophy has since been buried and the only thing serious about this bar is the passion with which they serve their drinks. Set in a black Gothic Saloon, for that extra after-life atmosphere, our tip is the Sweet Hereafter, a Latin American martini blend.
433 E 6th St  
Tel: 212-388-0882 www.deathandcompany.com
Earl's Beer and Cheese
Neighbourhood bar for Regular Joes
New York may be, in many ways, the centre of the world, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay the earth for a grand night out. The city is packed full of great value haunts populated by regulars, and Earl’s Beer and Cheese is one of them. This craft-beer bar is 100% neighbourly, pulling well-priced pints and, as the name suggests, curdled treats of all description. It’s so homely, you’ll want to be part of the furniture!
1259 Park Ave
Tel: 212-289-1581 www.earlsny.com
Tel: 212-462-4682 www.blindtigeralehouse.com
Blind Tiger Ale House
Enough beer to blind a tiger
If it’s beer you’re after, and you’re blind to anything else, may we suggest the Blind Tiger Ale House? With 28 taps, two casks, one gravity keg and more than 80 different bottles from around the world, you’re guaranteed to quench your thirst on the ordinary and the exotic. Add to that some of the city's best bar food, as well as weekly ‘Meet the Brewer’ nights and there’s enough to please everyone, from plain ol’ beer guys to the barley literati.
281 Bleecker St 
That's 'Please Don't Tell' to you and me
This secret speakeasy is one of the most unique bars we’ve come across. Accessed through a vintage phone booth within Crif Dogs, you’ll need to pick up the phone and a hostess will let you in, via the back wall of the booth. Keeping up the craziness, inside you’ll find a taxidermy-strewn saloon and cocktails like the Sixth Street, a guava-spiked ginger beer, with lime cordial and a pungent curry powder! Soak it up with a dawg from next door!
113 St. Marks Pl   
Tel: 212-614-0386 http://pdtnyc.com/
 Tel: 212-796-1500
The Library Bar
Encyclopaedic cocktails – and Encyclopaedia Britannica too
Don’t worry, there are no stern librarians shushing you over horn-rimmed glasses. What you will find in this bibliophile’s page of bar heaven are two levels of bookshelves, stacked with real books, as well as journals from floor to ceiling. So, if the mood takes, settle into a comfy leather chair or plush couch, order some serious cocktails, soak up the Persian carpeted, spiralling staircase interiors - and get your library on!
NoMad Hotel, 1170 Broadway, Flatiron
Employees Only
Ever wondered what’s behind the Employees Only door?
You’ve heard of craft beers, now meet craft cocktails. This comfortable prohibition-style speakeasy, and its chef-coat–clad bar staff, serves them up in style. Don’t worry, it’s a populist joint so you won’t find too many varieties of thistle grass on the menu, but instead, mostly easy on the tongue libations like lavender gin or vermouth steeped with herbs de Provence. Best of all, make it to closing time, and they’ll reward you with a free bowl of chicken soup. How’s that for the soul?
510 Hudson St, West Village  
Tel: 212-242-3021 www.employeesonlynyc.com
Tel: 646-422-7906 www.deadrabbitnyc.com
Dead Rabbit Grocery And Grog
Feisty Victorian whiskey hall and cocktail parlour
New York has changed. Back in the day, long before Wall Street bankers, lower Manhattan was a gangland hotbed. One such gang was the Dead Rabbits, led by a vicious Irish pugilist. This is a tip of the cap to that man – and that era. Although, now, you’re in safer hands, enjoying craft beer and sixty Irish whiskeys downstairs, and, upstairs, a parlour of baroque cocktails, that will take you right back to that halcyon time, like cobblers, possets, bishops, nogs, cups and toddies!
30 Water St   
Rum House
A 1970s piano bar in modern NYC
Just because you’re in spitting distance of Times Square doesn’t mean you have to settle for a trap of a tourist bar. Instead, visit the Rum House, once destined for the history books, but fortunately for you, renovated and reinvigorated. Expect an eccentric vibe, quality cocktails, live jazz most evenings, and of course, lashings of dark-spirited rum. Plus, if you need to take a morning break from Times Square madness, pop in for your choice of six Bloody Marys.
Edison Hotel, 228 W 47th St   
Tel: 212-869-3005 www.edisonrumhouse.com
Tel: 212-254-3500 http://momofuku.com/new-york/booker-and-dax/
Booker and Dax
Cocktails that would singe the eyebrows of Hester Blumenthal
Yes, there is a mad-scientist, Bunsen burning, test-tube of a bar and it’s called Booker and Dax. Here they go in for far-out molecular wizardry - in a big way! So, naturally, glasses are chilled with liquid nitrogen or warmed with a home-made 1,500-degree Red Hot Poker. They also show off the future of drinks like the Gin and Juice, made with grapefruit juice which is clarified in a centrifuge and then carbonated in a CO2-pressurised cocktail shaker. Errrmmm…. stand well back!
207 Second Ave
Tel: 718-274-4925 www.bohemianhall.com/en/Index.php
Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden
Beer, picnic tables and gardens of dappled sun
Queens has long been known as the beer-garden borough. The Bohemian is best of breed in that department, and, on sunny summer days, is a sure-fire hit. The bar traces its roots back to Bohemia (that’s the Czech Republic to you and me - not some hippy bedsit!) No, this is the real deal, dating back to 1910, where you can glug pints and pitchers of European and local beers and fortify yourself with great value traditional sausage platters. All under a huge, tree-canopied garden. Does it get better than this?
29-19 24th Ave  
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