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Sights and sounds of Oman

1 Dolphin Watching
Dolphin Watching

Dolphins in Oman are familiar sights; they will entice your attention through intelligent techniques.

Watching dolphins is one of the major sea sports. Oman is home to a variety of dolphins and whale species: the spinner and bottle nose dolphin being the most common. Almost all year round, dolphins can be found within close proximity of the coast. Of course since these are wild creatures in their natural habitat, it may sometimes be the case that no sightings can be made. However, the trip onto the untamed ocean is a treat in itself!

Dolphin watch + snorkeling (upon request) combination trip also possible – same duration (3.5 hrs including transfers). Double the pleasure of dolphin watching by combining it with a snorkeling trip. Coral beds provide homes to an exotic variety of fish that are a pleasure to behold. Catch the timeless magic of tropical fish in their own habitat!

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1 Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching