19 February 2018

5 best restaurants in Oman
Our favourite places to eat. Enjoy awesome food and stunning decor.
Original Oman
A traditional Omani restaurant that also serves mainstream meals, Ubhar is a popular, ground-breaking venue. Specialising in upmarket versions of authentic local classics, more unusual dishes include camel biryani, fish machbus and harees (chicken with wheat), while pasta and burgers satisfy any cravings for home. Don’t miss dessert – the date and frankincense ice creams and halwa puff pastries are undisputedly delicious. A short walk from Muscat’s Opera House, it's also ideal for post-show dinners.
Bareeq al Shati Mall, Muscat
Tel: 96 8976 5555 www.ubharoman.com
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The Beach
Sophisticated seaside dining
Soak up the sea breeze and salt air on the waterfront patio or look out from the modern dining room at The Beach. Muscat’s best bet for beautiful beachside dining, the waves almost lap against the tables and guests dine on succulent seafood dishes accompanied by an impressive wine list. Caviar and oysters are not to be missed. Visit from mid-September to the end of May for dinner from 7pm – as it is located on 370 metres of beach, the restaurant is closed at all other times.
The Chedi Hotel Muscat, North Ghubra 32, Way No. 3215 18th November Street, Muscat
Tel: 2452 4343 www.ghmhotels.com/en/chedi-muscat-oman/the-beach-restaurant
Tel: 9307 0808
Authentic Indian
Voted the people’s favourite in Muscat on Trip Advisor, Begum’s is a fairly new addition to the dining scene. Run by three siblings who take inspiration from their grandmother’s cooking, it specialises in Mughlai cuisine and has a warm, cosy ambience. Every ingredient is fresh and hand-picked, with curries ranging from chicken and mutton to vegetarian… try a spicy biryani with naan bread, then go for kulfi ice cream and Marsala tea. An Indian experience not to be missed.
Way 3521, Al Khuwair Street, Al Khuwair, Muscat 133

Oasis Club Salalah
For sports and socialising
The best place to eat in Salalah, Oman’s second largest city, the Oasis Club is a casual restaurant and bar serving food that surpasses its surroundings. Take in views of the sea from inside and from an outdoor terrace area with children’s park area, play pool or get a seat near the TVs screening the biggest current sporting events. Friendly staff serve up a selection of American, international and British dishes, as well as tender steaks and local fresh fish. The brunch menu is also worth a look.
Port Road, Salalah PC118
Tel: 82 321 9248
The Jungle
A meal on the wild side
Step into the jungle – literally – at this unique venue next to Qurum National Park. With its tropical rainforest theme, including rain, thunder, lightning and the sounds of roaring dinosaurs and chirping birds, it’s a casual yet intriguing restaurant. The menu is just as vibrant as the setting, offering specialities from the Middle East and around the world. A live-grilling station at each table adds to the outdoorsy vibe while you watch your shrimps being skewered or your steak being sizzled.
PO Box 54, PC 100, Muscat
Tel: 68 9428 1824 www.junglerestaurant.net
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