24 March 2018

5 best restaurants in Lima
Our favourite places to eat. Enjoy awesome food and stunning decor.
Would the real Amazon please stand up?
There aren’t many place like the Amazon. Equally, there aren’t many restaurants in Lima that sink their teeth (well, where you sink your teeth) into Amazonian ingredients. The Michelin-star trained chef brings a kaleidoscopic menu to life that’s as colourful as the world’s largest jungle. Try armoured catfish caviar and a broth of cecina to kick off the evening. There’s also Pisco paired with Peruvian cheeses. This is the jungle! Try it!
Camino Real 101, San Isidro, Lima
Tel: +51 511 440 5200 www.malabar.com.pe
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Chez Wong
The King of Ceviche
Ceviche is Peru’s national dish – and no place does it better than Peru. So you’re thinking to taste the vest best of this famous dish, you have to dine at the city top restaurants. No, you just have to choose the most famous: Chez Wiong. Having started his restaurant in a garage, he remains the sole chef, with no menu, who only uses sole which is either hot or cold. Geddit? But the entire city loves him from the Prime minister to the plumber. Book ahead!
Enrique León García 114, La Victoria
Tel: + 51 1470 6217
Tel: +51 1447 1133  www.brujasdecachiche.com.pe
Las Brujas de Cachiche
Takes podium on the restaurant circuit
One of Lima’s top eateries is always busy, especially on the weekends, and the reason for its popularity is clear: traditional Peruvian dishes crafted into creative cuisine. You’re eating in a sprawling country house, with a dining room downstairs and a bar up top. The interior oozes understated elegance and jazz music peaks and troughs in the background. Our favourites were the adventurous bar snacks. Save space for your main!
Miraflores Bolognesi 460

Astrid & Gastón
A&G go to Lima
Acknowledged to be one of the world's most inventive chef teams, and with eateries from Madrid to Santiago, this husband and wife team now serve their specialities in a colonial house in Peru. Most dishes are traditional, yet with a modern twist, so think suckling pig with tacu-tacu or sea urchin topped with cappuccino. It’s stuff we hadn’t tasted, but with the largest selection of Latin American wines, it was no hardship at all!
Calle Cantuarias 175
Tel: + 51 1242 4422 www.astridygaston.com
La Paisana
Hole in your tummy? You need a Hole in the Wall
Join the crowds that descend on this delightful Hole in the Wall restaurant for lunch. Nothing short of fantastic traditional food is offered here, like Mero, a meaty, white Pacific fish. Exceptionally hospitable, and overseen by the warmest of hosts, you can see why this place has become an institution. Don’t take our word for it. The place has scooped up a bucket of awards and is a true neighbourhood restaurant.
Jirón La Libertad 1412, Magdalena
Tel: +51 1999 044788
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