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Sights and sounds of Ushuaia

Tierra Del Fuego and End of World Train

Tierra Del Fuego and End of World Train

The end of the line

You've been on plenty of railway journeys, but how about taking a train to the end of the world? The entrance to Tierra del Fuego National Park is 10 miles from Ushuaia. It is the only park with a maritime coast in the country and here you can find firebushes, beech trees, box-leafed barberries and exotic flowers such as orchids and other species.

After your train journey follow a road around the mountains and see the peat bogs and the beaver dams before arriving at the Lapataia River. Once across you have great views of Laguna Verde where the upland geese and ibis come every summer. Take a long walk along a path up to Laguna Negra or the Beavers Path and stop at the the Yamana kitchen, an interesting archaeological site.

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