23 March 2018

5 best restaurants in Barcelona
Our favourite places to eat. Enjoy awesome food and stunning decor.
Modern Catalan meets Michelin Stars
What makes Abac one of Barcelona’s finest restaurants? Its blooming gardens, elegant and sophisticated interior or intimate atmosphere? Most restaurants might settle for that - but not when you have two Michelin Stars to your name. That requires extreme gastronomic innovation, like oysters tartar with fennel or goat kid with cider foam. It also calls for the most attentive and knowledgeable service. Abac makes it seem as easy as ABC!
Av. del Tibidabo 1 E - 08022 Barcelona
Tel: 933196600 www.abacbarcelona.com
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The modernist’s tapas bar
Tapas is Barcelona’s favourite food. You’ll find all sorts of offerings around the city: the good, the bad, the traditional and, in this case, the modern. Tickets offers patrons a taste of a new Catalan cuisine with a temple to modern cookery, offering avante garde fare like razor clams and spherico olives, all harmoniously blended into a 33-course tasting menu. The atmosphere is fun, fanciful and irreverent, complete with ice-cream carts and candyfloss tubs.
Avinguda del Parallel 164 www.ticketsbar.es
Tel: +34 93 231 0057 www.manairo.com
Nose-to-tail and back again
The Spanish have always enjoyed eating everything edible on an animal – and, at Manairo, they make it mighty tasty! Using some seriously powerful cooking aids, like blow torches, high voltage lamps, a drill and a naked flame, they bring new tastes to seriously adventurous dishes. Like pork trotter with the head and innards of crayfish. Not for the squeamish, it is however definitely one for the experimenters, who’ll leave satisfied from head to toe.
Carrer de la Diputació 424

Can Culleretes
So old they’re in the Guinness Book of Records
Founded almost three and a half centuries ago (a long time in anyone’s books; even Marie Antoinette was still alive), Barcelona’s oldest restaurant continues satisfying the hordes. It’s wholesome Catalan cooking (at great prices, we might add), serving wild boar stew, roast sea bream and white beans with botifarra sausage. The interior is unpretentious to say the least, with wooden beams and bright sea and landscape paintings.
Calle Quintana 5,Rambla
Tel: 93/317–3022 www.culleretes.com
Market cuisine at its best
A wonderful pastime on continental holidays is exploring their fresh produce markets. Well, now you can taste that freshness as it's meant to be enjoyed, at one of Barcelona’s culinary stars, Silvestre. Serving only the freshest, most modern cuisine to the city's most discerning, the restaurant’s intimate dining rooms and cosy corners offer privacy, romance, glorious food, and, oh, damn fine wine.
Santaló 101, Sant Gervasi
Tel: 93/241–4031 www.restaurante-silvestre.com
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