23 March 2018

5 best restaurants in Rome
Our favourite places to eat. Enjoy awesome food and stunning decor.
Capo Boi
Not just another fish in the sea
For the ultimate in Roman seafood, look no further than Capo Boi. A secret of locals and celebrities, situated in the glamorous, 1920’s style neighbourhood of Coppide, the restaurant is a monument to everything oceanic.
From appetizers, like the best-in-town mussels, clams and oysters to entrees like the delightful mixed grilled fish to the very bread they serve (called Italian music sheets because they’re so noisy to eat), they’ll have you hooked from the start!
Via Arno, 80
Tel: +39 06 841 5535 www.capoboi.net
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Il Convivio di Troiani
Eating Italian is a family affair
Romans like their traditions – and this is one of them. Run by three brothers, Convivio is one of the best family restaurants in the city. The perfect spot for special occasions, or a warm Mediterranean get-together, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful tableware and elegant rooms. The menu is no less fine, giving new twists to old traditionals, like oxtail with celeriac puree, all designed with seasonal, local ingredients. Our tip is to order half portions and share. You’re amongst family, after all.
Vicolo dei Soldati 31
Tel: +39 06 686 9432 www.ilconviviotroiani.com
Tel: +39 06 788 0494 www.larcheologia.it
A taste of Ancient Rome
Step over the millennia, through the mists of time. This historic restaurant, set in a beautiful garden with 300-year-old wisteria and thousands-of years-old Roman remains, is the stuff of dream. Just opposite the catacombs on the old Appian Way, it is the Rome of the romantic: a warm, welcoming restaurant with open fire and bottle-lined walls. We recommend the grilled meat served with olive oil straight from the Sabine hills – and pasta dishes just like classical mamas used to make! 
Via Appia Antica 139

The best things in life
You don’t need to blow the budget to eat like a gourmand in Italy – and Rome is no exception. In fact, some of the best food you’ll taste won’t come from swanky restaurants with gleaming silverware. It’ll come from small, anonymous-looking, great-value trattorias which have been family run for decades. Generally, don’t expect a menu; rather enjoy the single special of the night which is in this fine trattoria could be anything from ossobuco to pasta with tomato-and-pig’s-cheek sauce. Buon appetito!
Via Tor di Nona 2
Tel: +39 06 686 1916 www.trattorialilli.it
Tel: +39 06 6993 4726 www.hotelhasslerroma.com/imago-restaurant-rome
Rome’s top restaurant
It is, literally, above the rest. Atop the Spanish Steps, on one of the oldest rooftops, with a 360° view over the historic centre, perches Imàgo, a Michelin star restaurant with few rivals. Weaving Asian ingredients into Roman and Neapolitan classics, you’ll enjoy one-of-a-kinds like sake-glazed black cod and cappelletti pasta with smoked eel. This is the type of cuisine which has always pulled in the glitterati, including JFK, Federico Fellini, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Now it’s your turn.
Hotel Hassler, Piazza Trinitá dei Monti 6
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