22 March 2018

5 hottest bars in Munich
Don't miss these awesome cocktail bars. The hottest places to unwind after dark.
A beer hall with history
Vibrant and friendly, Hofbraeuhaus offers arguably the most authentic Bavarian experience in Munich’s most famous beer hall. Locals and tourists alike flock here to feast on local delights and sip on one-litre jugs of beer throughout the day and into the night. Watch waiting staff in traditional costumes while the band plays folk music and soak up the ambience of this historical venue from communal tables on various floors – or head to the outdoor terrace for a more subdued affair.
Platzl 9, 80331 Munich
Tel: 49 89 221 676 www.hofbraeuhaus.de/en/index_en.html
Bar Gabanyi
For vibrant variety
Cosy and atmospheric, Bar Gabanyi is decked out in sleek brown tones, lit by the glow of the long bar - behind which you’ll find a wealth of whiskies, thanks to whisky-expert owner Stefan Gabanyi. Cocktail lounge combined with entertainment venue, the setting stages everything from poetry readings and piano recitals to jazz and dance performances. Settle back in a comfy corner, sample a Scotch and enjoy the show, all within easy reach of the famous Oktoberfest grounds.
Beethovenplatz 2, 80336 München
Tel: 49 89 5170 1805 www.bar-gabanyi.de
Tel: 49 89 7008 8177 www.ella-lenbachhaus.com
For culture and class
In a cocktail bar and café housed in the artistic hub of the Lenbachhaus Museum, you’d expect nothing less than elegance and exuberance. Tie up a cultural day with cocktail hour on the terrace overlooking the neoclassical architecture of Königsplatz square, sipping a bittersweet Aperol spritzer or a top-end bottle of European wine. The selection of sparkling vintages and Champagne will sell itself to you without any prompting from the sublime service of the staff.
Luisenstraße 33, 80333 Munich
Tel: 49 89 1799 9119 www.hirschgarten.com/beer-garden-munich-the-

Family fun in the city’s biggest beer garden
Located on the western outskirts of Munich, in the lush gardens of the Nymphenburg castle, this popular beer garden is perfect on a summer’s day. Take your pick from nearly 8000 seats scattered around the city’s largest beer garden and spot deer and goat while snacking on your own picnic or traditional Bavarian food and sampling brilliant beers like Augustiner and the Tegernseer. Drink from a re-usable Maßkrug and let the kids run riot in the playground while you relax.
De-la-Paz-Straße, 80639 Munich
Tel: 49 89 670 1169 www.forschungsbrauerei.de
Brewed to perfection
Unmissable in its uniqueness, Forschungsbrauerei is the antithesis of a touristy beer hall. A micro ‘research’ brewery in the Perlach area, dating back to 1930, it creates and serves some of Munich’s best - yet little-known - brews, including Pilsissimus Export and St Jakobus Blonder Bock. Plough through the list from the spacious surroundings of the beer garden with room for 250 people – but take note that the pub is closed in the winter.
Unterhachinger Straße 76, Perlach, 81737 Munich
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