24 March 2018

5 hottest bars in Prague
Don't miss these awesome cocktail bars. The hottest places to unwind after dark.
Cloud 9
Fairy-tale city needs magical view
Few could argue that Prague is one of the world’s most picturesque cities, straddling the Danube, all castles, spires, bridges and swans. You’re going to need a good vantage point to take all this in, of course – and the place for that is aptly named Cloud 9. Large windows deliver those breath-taking views, luxurious décor delivers style and panache and friendly waiting staff delivers a wide range of signature cocktails. Enjoy!
Hilton Prague, Pobřežní 1, Praha 8
Tel: +42 224 842 999 www.cloud9.cz
U Medvídků
Get tanked at a tankovna
Interesting fact: Beer doesn’t have to be pasteurised! At a Czech tankovna, it’s as fresh as from an udder. What they do to achieve this miracle is have gigantic tanks pipe the stuff direct to your glass! This particular bar focuses on the real Budweiser (Budvar), serving up pints for over five centuries. When the munchies invariably set in, there’s a tasty menu, with treats like pork in plum sauce. Don’t take our word that this beer hall is great, it’s always packed with locals!
Na Perštýně 7, Prague 1
Tel: +42 224 211 916
Tel: +420 773 974 764 www.hemingwaybar.cz/bar-prague
Hemingway Bar Prague
Bar to write home about
Is there any city anywhere untouched by Ernest Hemingway’s penchant for a boozy night out? Not Prague, that’s for sure, who take the author’s fondness for absinthe, rum and champagne to new heights – and your level of tipsiness with it too. With the most extensive spirit collection in the Czech Republic, don’t expect an early night. Indeed you can take meandering tours through the drinks menus, designed to educate and, well, inebriate.
Karolíny Světlé 26, Praha 1
Tel: +42 02 2423 2319

Twice the space, twice the style
You couldn’t get more glam. Imagine a giant glass cube on top of Prague’s tallest building. Put several levels into that cube, with terrace bars, clubs and restaurant. Fill it with the jet-set, local models and even Mick Jagger’s 60th. Wash down well with an extensive list of spirits and cocktails. And turn the music up really loud, with DJ’s from around the world, queuing up to play sets in Eastern Europe’s most cosmopolitan destination.
Praha 1 Václavské nám. 21
Tel: +42 221 111 150 www.upinkasu.cz
99 barrels of beer on the wall…
The Czech Republic often lays claim to the status of beer capital of the world – and there’s no doubt that few would argue its lofty heights, pushing out quality beers like Pilsner Urquell, Budvar and Staropramen. Where better to get better acquainted with some of these and many more lesser-known craft beers, than at a traditional beer hall. This classic city-centre example is one of Prague’s finest, pulling in droves of locals and travellers alike.
Jungmannovo Náměstí 15/16, Praha 1 
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