21 April 2018

5 hottest bars in St Martin
Don't miss these awesome cocktail bars. The hottest places to unwind after dark.
The Seaman's Club
That red light isn’t a lighthouse
Seeing as half of St Martin is called St Maarten and belongs to the Dutch, one can expect certain Dutch foibles to flourish. One such area is the red light district. And here in the NE Caribbean, the club which started it all is called The Seaman’s Club. No pun intended, it was established way back in 1940 to keep fisherman on shore leave occupied. Take it or leave it, the district is a major part of the permissive island’s culture.
79 Sucker Garden Rd.
Tel: +1 599 542 2978
Sunset Grill
St Martin’s most famous bar
It’s not often you can enjoy an ice cold beer while a Boeing 747 roars over your head, practically slicing off your drink’s foam. Come to think of it, most places that’d be a nightmare, but not at Sunset Grill, St Martin’s most famous beach bar. Situated on a beautiful sandy beach, right in the airport’s flight path, this bar is so unique it’s been featured on news reports and in newspapers around the world. You haven’t gone St Martin’s unless you’ve toasted a jet at Sunset!
2 Beacon Hill Road, Beacon Hill
Tel: +1 721 545-2084 http://sunsetsxm.com/
Tel: +1 721 545 2485 www.sopranospianobar.com
Sopranos Piano Bar
An offer you can’t refuse
No, this isn’t a front club for the Soprano family (or any other godfather for that matter), it’s one of St Martin’s most popular venues. With fingers touching the keyboard around 8pm every night, this is the perfect venue to enjoy a relaxed night out, island style. From the classics to romantic favourites to the smoothest jazz, the piano is the perfect backdrop for a night of cocktails, bubbly and even a cigar!
Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino, 1 Rhine Rd, Maho 
Tel: +1 599 543 6828 www.dawnbeachsxm.com

Mr. Busby's Beach Bar 
Two bars for the price of one
Let’s face it, nobody comes to the Caribbean to stay indoors. For most people, the favourite hang-outs are on the beach, under the fronded shade of a beach shack’s palm tree. Listening to tunes, drinking your drink and tucking into seafood fresh as the sea is what it’s all about. One of the best places for those pursuits is Mr Busby’s (which incidentally, turns into Daniel’s by the Sea at night, so you won’t have to go the same place twice)!
Dawn Beach
Tel: +1 599 5239983
Karakter Beach Bar
Old school bus bar
Bring your towels, your costumes and buckets of sun tan lotion. One of the island’s most popular bars is Karakter, built around an old school bus, parked right on the beach. It’s well-hidden so you may have to ask your way but, once you get there, expect a day of daiquiris and pina coladas, volleyball for the sporty, food for the hungry and exquisite views for everyone. No natural eye candy is spared: palms, white sand, waves and swaying hammocks…
Simpson Bay Road 121, Simpson Bay
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