22 July 2018

5 best restaurants in Toronto
Our favourite places to eat. Enjoy awesome food and stunning decor.
Richmond Station
In such a bustling neighbourhood as the Financial District, it’s surprising to find a hidden gem lying right under your nose. This subway-themed space with its circular window entryway and black and white archival subway photos has a contemporary, but homemade vibe. It’s also the spot to sample the talents of owner and Top Chef Canada winner, Carl Heinrich, who showcases finely tuned urban rustic food with a local sourcing mantra.
Chalkboard listings are a good indication of the ingredient-driven daily offerings the chef and his team are creating from in-house charcuterie to inventive entrees along with an edgy wine list, like the food, strike an intriguing Old World-New World balance.
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Tel: +1 647-748-1444 http://richmondstation.ca/
This big, sumptuous room has a kind of Spanish Inquisition-era meets high design opulence, but the only torture involved is selecting dishes from the extensive tapas-bar menu. A row of stamped meat cleavers along one-wall spells out “full stomach, happy heart” in Spanish and on that point, this restaurant delivers. From smaller sharing plates to heftier dishes like the paella variations, braised lamb shank or Ibérico pork flank, there’s something to match any appetite.
As well, there’s a fantastic cheese selection that will have your palate traipsing all over the Spanish countryside like Don Quixote and an eclectic hard-to-find Spanish wine list to complete your culinary journey.
Tel: +1 416-367-0505 www.patriatoronto.com/
Michaels on Simcoe
A contemporary room that manages to be elegant without being stuffy, it’s a steakhouse re-invented for the modern age. The interior is vibrant but refined, a sense of playfulness as evident in the décor as in the presentation on the plate. This is about meat and seafood first and foremost. Nothing says steak like USDA prime beef hanging in its own aging chamber and as for seafood, there’s nothing better than wrestling with an Alaskan king crab for dominance over the dinner table.
Creative cocktails and an impressive glass-enclosed wine cellar that divides the lounge from the main dining room ensures that even the most discerning of palates will find something to sip before, during or after dinner.
Tel: +1 416-260-5100 www.michaelsonsimcoe.com/home

It’s a fun, funky, casually chic and refreshingly offbeat Italian off the beaten path in a non-descript neighbourhood that’s out of range of the livelier downtown core. Don’t let that fool you about the seriousness of the food. Jay Scaife, the young executive head chef is out to take Toronto by storm with his surprising twists on classic pasta dishes, hand-cranking his fresh pasta out nightly. As the simple name suggests, during the day it’s a great spot to stop in for an espresso shot and in the evening the food, wine and cocktails start flowing. The sommelier also has a black belt in karate, so by all means take his recommendations seriously.
Tel: +1 416-534-4794 http://cafe-bar-pasta.com/
Crown Princess Fine Dining
If Donald Trump were to open a dim sum restaurant it might look something like this. Opulent baroque interior with Louis XIV furniture, crystal chandeliers, waitresses in ruffled shirt French maid-style uniforms and more marble in the place than in all of Italy. Tea arrives in an ornate Victorian-style teapot and the dim sum is exquisite. The scallop dumplings are highly recommended. As well as the dim sum offerings the dinner menu is equally fantastic and as finely honed as the surroundings. Somehow this strange clash of styles works wonders on the eyes and on the palate.
Tel: +1 416-923-8784 www.crown-princess.ca/english/index.asp
By Kasey Wilson
Kasey Wilson is a food and travel writer, broadcaster and author. She is editor of Best Places Vancouver; executive producer and co-host of AM650¹s Best of Food & Wine and author of ten non-fiction books. Wilson was inducted into the British Columbia Restaurant Hall of Fame and is a judge for The World¹s 50 Best Restaurants.
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