23 June 2018

5 best restaurants in Montreal
Our favourite places to eat. Enjoy awesome food and stunning decor.
A relative newcomer to the Montreal dining scene, having launched in 2014, Salimondis is a casually cool restaurant in Little Italy. Open for lunch and dinner, as well as brunch at the weekends, it serves up an eclectic array of dishes. Sample Boileau Farm Deer or Black Cod for dinner, followed by the divine Saffron Cheesecake, try Beef Bourginon Benedict for lunch or feast on fried rabbit and waffle for brunch. Small and cosy, the place boasts friendly staff and a sophisticated yet relaxed ambience.
Kasey Wilson is a food and travel writer, broadcaster and author. She is editor of Best Places Vancouver; executive producer and co-host of AM650¹s Best of Food & Wine and author of ten non-fiction books. Wilson was inducted into the British Columbia Restaurant Hall of Fame and is a judge for The World¹s 50 Best Restaurants.
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Tel: 514 564 3842 www.salmigondis.ca
6896 Rue St-Dominique, Montreal H2S 3B2
By Kasey Wilson
Au Pied de Cochon
Martin Picard, the chef and owner of this famed Montreal restaurant that had Anthony Bourdain swooning with pleasure, might just perhaps be one of the most influential and controversial chefs in Canada. But his bustling restaurant is all contemporary charm as befitting the hearty and decidedly Quebecois menu. This is the place that put foie gras back on the map with a variety of preparations. And of course, like the restaurant’s namesake, the pig’s foot here is excellent along with other pig variations using every part of the swine. Really this place is a bit of a Canadian animal safari with stag, bison and even duck carpaccio making an appearance.
Picard received some flak from animal activists about his cookbook, which had recipes for squirrel sushi and beaver stew but he’s a guy who stands firmly by his philosophy with an outdoorsy personality that seems to suggest, “It’s eat or be eaten in this day and age.”
Tel: +1 514-281-1114 www.restaurantaupieddecochon.ca/
When young cooks and aspiring chefs in Canada are looking to train with the best, it is Chef/Owner Normand Laprise, that they search out. Toqué is modern and playful (the suspended wine bottles and interesting sculptural accents are delightful), much like the food that re-interprets haute cuisine with a particular Quebec sensibility. Imagine trout confit burned with maple syrup and resting with miso purée, melon and sea buckthorn jam and a sumac glaze. And that’s just a starter. Mains feature dishes like venison loin and tongue with elder berries and bordelaise sauce or duck Magret and heart with hedgehog mushrooms and chamomile sauce. There’s a reason this Relais & Châteaux establishment has won so many awards and accolades and you can ponder all of this while perusing their wine list big enough to knock a bison over the head with.
Tel: +1 514-499-2084 www.restaurant-toque.com/en

Schwartz's Deli 
Welcome to Canada’s oldest deli and a place you don’t come to for the apologies or fawning table service. No, you come here for the meat–massive mounds of fatty and delicious smoked meat piled high on mustard-smothered rye bread. Don’t ask for mayonnaise. Don’t ask the difference between a small and large smoked meat. They’ll only yell at you. The 80-year-old herb and spice blend that Schwartz’s uses to marinate their meat in for 10 days is all you need care about. And, of course, trying to find a seat in this place. Rest assured, everybody gets treated equally here, whether you’re a prime minister or a peasant because as you’ll quickly learn, giant smoked meat sandwiches are the great equalizer among hungry humans. 
Tel: +1 514-842-4813 http://schwartzsdeli.com/ca/en/
Joe Beef
Named number one in Canada’s Top 50 restaurants to visit, Joe Beef celebrates all things bohemian, gluttonous and eccentric. It’s named for Charles “Joe Beef” McKiernan, a 19th century Montreal innkeeper whose tavern was a working-class social centre and where he was said to keep a menagerie of animals including monkeys, bears, a porcupine and an alligator. Anyway, with this legacy, it’s not hard to see how chef-owners Frédéric Moran and David McMillan have embraced and presented some of the more oddball pairings in modern dining including their infamous foie gras double-down, composed of bacon and cheese topped with chicken skin mayonnaise and sandwiched between two deep-fried foie gras slabs before being topped with maple syrup. David Chang, chef and owner of the famed Momofuku restaurant group in New York City claims he hates eating out in restaurants except for Joe Beef, which he calls his favourite.
Tel: +1 514-935-6504 www.joebeef.ca/
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