24 April 2014


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Feedback from clients arriving home recently

Iran flight - 5000 years of history

Take one of our cheap flights to Iran and explore a country brimming with ancient cities, ruins, and magnificent mosques and museums.   After your flight to Iran there is 5,000 years of history waiting to unfold and some of the world's ancient wonders. Although tourism is on the rise, some people think it is not easy to travel to Iran and the locals are unfriendly.   This is far from the truth and although Iran and the West have had a rocky relationship for many years most people's perception of the country and its people is based on what they see in the media due to its governmental policies.  What is overlooked is the beguiling country and a sympathetic people . . . Iran was the only country in the Middle East whose citizens held a spontaneous vigil for the 9/11 victims.   This culturally rich country has something for everyone with plenty of sightseeing choices, great shopping and exciting cuisine. However, it is worth getting advice before you travel there.   Call DialAflight and our travel team will help with hotels, and a tour itinerary as well as getting the cheapest Iran flights. 
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