24 November 2015

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    Feedback from clients arriving home recently

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    What makes Dubai special? 5 reasons to visit

    1. It's Dubai. The Gulf's most tolerant emirate is proof of what you can achieve if you have vision, a loan account and lots of sand. Take our cheap flights to Dubai and you will discover how, over a few decades, Dubai transformed itself from an oyster village into a Singapore-like global hub. There's also more sun than you can shake a parasol at, lots of sea and, thanks, to oil bucks, some of the world's most exclusive shopping.  2. It's luxurious. Dubai is 5 star. It's got enough slick hotels for every Premiership player, A-list celeb and royalty, minor and major. And then some. It's all marble, air-con and Louis Vuitton. And when you get on the road, every second car is a Porsche, Mercedes or Maserati. They take status seriously here.  3. It's sunny. Well, it would be. It's in the desert. It's year-round sun. But this oasis only gets boiling hot a couple of months of the year. The rest of the time, it's positively perfect. Which means you'll have more time on the beach, getting your hands on the most fashionable accessory, a real tan. And if it gets too hot? This is an air-conditioned emirate. It even has the world's largest indoor ski slope. With real snow!  4. It's Arabia. Gimme your horse, Laurence. I'm off to the real Arabia. Only the falcons seem aware of the spectacular views over the desert from Dubai's nearby mountain range. Romantics can take overnight desert safaris. And spice it up with belly dancing and a sheesha pipe.  5. It's good value. Despite the hype from this uber-emirate, all is not rosy on their balance sheet. Thanks to the global recession, you can enjoy excellent savings on hotels and other activities. Speak to one of our consultants and we'll sort you out a holiday to the world's boutique at supermarket prices.  Call us today to find flights to the middle east and to tailor-make your holiday. Don't forget to check out the price of our business class flights too. We can also help with hotels, car hire and a host of extras. 
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