27 March 2015

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    8 reasons to call for advice

    1. Lowest fares We have teams at DialAFlight whose job is to keep in touch with every airline and keep the communication flowing. This means that not only do we get all the news about routes, aircraft and upgrades first, but we are given their lowest fares exclusively to pass on to you. When flights are on sale, we hear about it straight away, which means you can save money. 2. Take advantage of our buying power DialAFlight has been running for more than 34 years. We are experienced at selling travel and, more importantly, we have huge buying power when it comes to flights. Think about buying in bulk: Everything is cheaper that way. And the more flights we book, the cheaper our flights become, which is another reason to keep coming back again and again. 3. Talk to an expert Our sales people have more than 3000 years of collective travel experience making them probably the best travelled people in the whole of the UK. They know the best parts of the cities, the back streets and hidden gems. They know the quietest beaches, they’'ve stayed in the hotels and boutique guesthouses. And they'’ll tell you from first-hand experience what to see and what to miss. 4. You're safe with us You've noticed ash clouds, floods, ice and earthquakes delaying and cancelling flights recently. You never know when or where they are going to strike, which is why travelling with a bonded company is essential. All hotel and flight packages booked through DialAFlight are bonded and safe. 5. No-frills airlines Travelling with no-frills airlines, however, won't give you this safety. And the reason why we call them no-frills rather than low-cost is because once you've added extras for luggage, check in, credit card charges and travel to and from their remote airports, you often end up spending a lot more, for a lot less comfort. 6. Booking flights + hotels = you save money Saving money when you book through DialAFlight is simple maths. When it comes to booking holidays, there is always a part of us that wonders 'would it be cheaper to do it all myself?' In fact, because of the lower rates we receive from hotels and airlines, this isn't true. As well as their lowest fares, airlines also give us non-advertised fares which are even lower, specifically for use in combination with a hotel or car hire package. 7. A better deal Low flight costs plus cheaper-than-advertised hotel rates can only mean one thing: A better deal. This, along with our expert knowledge of hotels as well as our insurance bonding, means booking with us really is a no-brainer. And that is why our customers are some of the smartest travellers around. Most fly several times a year and many companies use us for their business travel too. 8. Smaller credit card fees Unlike some airlines, we don't charge for debit card payments, but we do have to apply a 1.95% charge for credit cards (about the lowest in the travel industry), because this is what it actually costs us.

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    30 miles northeast of Tahiti.
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    beautifully shot, this is an authentic look at the alluring surroundings and further enticement for this resort, pic.twitter.com/rTT9iF8DbM
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    Oh and whilst your present, take a look at video number two. vimeo.com/118851451 For all past and future guests,