14 June 2024

Discreet and classy inside The Cotton House
The Cotton House weaves a silky magic
Ted Thornhill decides this the place to stay in Barcelona
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he new Cotton House Hotel in central Barcelona is a mixture of neoclassical with a dash of tropical colonial gentleman's club - a bit like stepping inside a Merchant Ivory film. Everything about it is classy - lavish beyond estimation. In every room there's an outbreak of wide-eyed gazing as I admire the d├ęcor and savour the restful ambience.

It's wonderfully discreet and too classy to trumpet its presence - you could walk right past this 19th century building without realising it's one of the most splendid hotels in town. It stands on the site of the former headquarters of the Cotton Textile Foundation but was recently bought by the Marriott group which refurbished it and opened it in January as part of its Autograph collection.
ever seen - the most striking concierge desk in the West. But that's the Cotton House in a nutshell - every room is supremely crafted and eye-catching. To one side are two library rooms richly populated with books, art and gorgeous chairs. A fine place to sip a gin and tonic. To the other side is a bar that distributes cocktails in gigantic bowls - I recommend the gossypium - and coffee presented charmingly on a tray with a glass of water and a chocolate. Delightful taken to another level.

The restaurant next door is stunning, lighting partly provided by bookcases filled with illuminated fabrics. The huge roof terrace is full of people looking very glad they've booked here. I make this the hub of my Cotton House operations - coming here for caffeine consumption, liquor and an eggs benedict-themed breakfast.

The service purrs with efficiency. At all times. On the top floor is a sizeable plunge pool, affording wonderful views of the world-famous Sagrada Familia cathedral. All 83 bedrooms are divided into cotton categories. But mine is just called Cotton. Perhaps the classification committee simply gave up when they got to mine and adjourned for cava on the terrace. I wouldn't blame them. The best way to get to it, I discover, is to scamper up an amazing spiral staircase connecting all the floors. It's a work of art.

Original article published in Sep 2015. All info and prices correct at time of publication.
Marble abounds, most impressively in the form of a grand banister sweeping up a staircase to the first floor to a grand room containing the concierge desk. The desk is made of the most beautiful wood and adorned with two of the biggest lamps I've
"The plunge pool, affords wonderful views of the Sagrada Familia cathedral."
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