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Now the world has opened up to travel again and we are able to enjoy those long-awaited adventures, we’re inviting you to share your cherished memories in the form of your favourite photos from your own trips in our annual Travel Photo Competition.

We’ve created four categories to focus your creativity, and renowned travel photographer and Canon Ambassador Lucia Griggi will be judging your entries. We’ll pick the best image from each category every month, and at the end of the year all the monthly winners will be judged to find the winning photo for the year.


There’s very little to compare with the sense of solitude you find on holiday. Being able to escape the hubbub of daily life and slow-down is absolutely priceless. Vast uncrowded beaches, expansive forests, open savannahs and roomy accommodation. A place where you can breathe and let go of all your stresses. These images can capture a real sense of freedom and some of the best memories.
The natural world is full of contrasts which is what makes it so utterly beautiful. From wild animals to wild landscapes both on land and off, anything goes here. The beauty of a breaching whale, the madness of migrating animals, the crashing of ocean waves, to the ravages of a wild fire. Wild encounters are magical moments to cherish and capture on film.
From the mystical and mesmerising temples dotted across the landscapes in Asia to the charm of a weathered beach hut, the delights of an Art-Deco hotel to the intricacy of a beautiful doorway discovered down a secret alleyway. Cultural architecture is both inspiring and infinitely diverse which is what makes this topic perfect for a uniquely stunning image.
Travelling is not just about places, it is also about the people we meet and the connections we make, no matter how small. A stranger’s beautiful smile, the innocence of children at play, a travel guide full of passion or charismatic locals going about their business. Special moments like these can be caught on camera in the most beautiful of ways.


Personal Connections
Le Harve, France
by George Ripley

Landscape & Architecture
Babin Kuk, Croatia
by Florrie Lawson

Solitude & Escapism
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
by Thomas Shaw


Meet our judge: Award-winning photographer
Lucia Griggi.

Read about award-winning photographer Lucia Griggi, a dedicated adventurer, travel enthusiast and judge of our Travel Photo competition.
Tips from a professional on how to improve your photography skills.

A National Geographic Traveller 2012award winner, Lucia Griggi advises on how you can elevate your own photography.