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When booking your company’s travel, the right people are not always the cheapest. The kind of people who – when you put the phone down – you know there’s one less thing to worry about. And why their experience is essential to your business. At DialAFlight, thanks to our multi-million pound buying power and your own personal travel team - most of whom have been with DialAFlight for 15 – 20 years – you can have it all. Vast experience, first-hand knowledge, personal recommendations and value for money.

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This is worth far more than £376 million to you.

It may surprise you to hear your biggest benefit of working with DialAFlight isn't our buying power - though we book £376 million of travel every year.

It's the travel managers who look after you.

And why their experience is essential to your business.

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• Dedicated Account Managment
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What our clients say

Here are just a handful of testimonials from some of the 2038 companies
which trust us to move their key executives around the world.

As I mentioned, Dial a Flight and the whole team - Scott, Rory, Tammy, Shelly, Gary, Arthur, Jim, Larry, Bill and Russel – I’m sorry I can’t remember all the names! have been amazing pre Covid and continue to be, during Covid. I had to book a couple of flights to US destinations at the beginning of lockdown. We felt extremely reassured when members of your team made the extra effort to read all the directives and relay them to us. That information enabled the traveller to fly with all the necessary documentation. The service you provide and the trust that we have built up over the years, is so much more than buying air tickets at competitive prices. During the last few weeks, Scott, as my main point of contact, has also helped me navigate through visa requirements for South Africa, introduced as a result of Covid. By also introducing me to CIBT, the visa company, I was able to get a feeling of a very integrated service. By the way, there have been several instances where individuals at Dial a Flight have got some of our guys out of sticky situations whilst on the ground overseas..…. I once had to call Dial a Flight to help me with an ESTA for Canada whilst making my way to the office and our traveller making his way to the check in desk – he had 20 minutes to check in and we made it! Thank you, Tom, for keeping an eye on the account and ensuring that Dial a Flight meet all our travel needs. It has always been easy to pick up the phone and ask for information or clarification if needed. Everyone is very approachable, proactive and very upbeat!

Katie Gareh
Hannam & Partners

We have been using DialAFlight for over 16 years and right from the start of our collaboration, our dedicated team of travel managers led by Dave Probert have always been nothing less than efficient, super-knowledgeable and very friendly. Our travellers often request multi-leg complicated itineraries and Dave and his team never fail to deliver on cost and creativity! We have developed and maintained a very good working relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Having our own dedicated team gives us confidence in the knowledge that all of our travel requests will be dealt with quickly and professionally, and DialAFlight have always gone above and beyond to find us the right deals at the right prices. Throughout lockdown when we haven’t been travelling, Dave Probert and his team have helped us to navigate the minefield of cancelled and postponed flights, and kept in regular touch with us. We are looking forward to a return to some sort of normality when we can start travelling internationally again.

Michaela Halse

Here at MRN, we consider Dial A Flight to be a strategic business partner, not just a travel agent. It’s hard to believe that none of our team had actually met Orlando before last week, even though we have been working with him for seven or more years – we all feel we know him! He is professional, courteous, personable, super speedy, creative and trustworthy in his dealings with our corporate travel. These are value-added elements that are so important to us. It's not just during core business hours that Dial A Flight have demonstrated their excellence. I was out in Chicago last summer and BA cancelled my return flight the day before departure. I called your 24h emergency number and was so impressed with the person who dealt with my request to “get me out of Chicago asap!” I’d never spoken to him before (I’m afraid I cannot remember his name), but it was as if he knew the MRN and really did care about our plight. Flight availability was disappearing before his eyes as all BA travellers were trying to do the same as me, but I felt he was an experienced, safe pair of hands – he was excellent… and got us on to a flight I might add! We are very much looking forward to working with Orlando and the Dial A Flight team again when the world returns to normal. It cannot happen quickly enough.

Alison Cavener
Medical Research Network

On behalf of our Perm team at Medacs Healthcare, we are very pleased with the continuous support we receive from Max and his Team. Especially during the peak of the pandemic, our Teams have worked together and managed to get our candidates to the UK as soon as borders started to re-open. Due to the volume of overseas’ candidates our Team deploys, we rely on good communication and speedy accurate quotes and Max or the rest of the DialAFlight Team never lets us down. Max in particular knows our business inside out and he is of great help to our Nursing Division.

Simona Bertolo
Medacs Healthcare

Having personally worked with DialAFlight for the past couple of years, they have become such an integral part of our business that we would be lost without their travel expertise, professional advice and support. It is commonplace for them to book extremely complicated travel around the world for us at very short notice. Their knowledge of travel regulations and nuances is unsurpassed, easily offering solutions to the most complex of scenarios. Working so closely with DialAFlight on a daily basis feels like they are colleagues sitting in the office next door. In particular, our Travel Manager Travis is constantly on hand offering fanatical support and unwavering commitment in providing us with outstanding customer service. During COVID we have received regular updates and support emails, keeping us abreast of the latest announcements and restrictions as and when they happen. We are very keen to return to a normal working day when we can pick up the phone and start booking with DialAFlight again.

Valerie Stanfield
Magellan Aerospace

As always excellent service from William and the team especially with all the moving parts around the coronavirus issue that we have had to endure and continue to endure. He and the team again have had their finger on the pulse and have given us excellent info on a weekly basis allowing us to plan accordingly, the large number of changes and credits have also been well recorded between our staff and the team there, thus a well-oiled machine.

Jonathan Brown
The Development Initiative Ltd

McLarens Aviation have been using Dial A Flight for 6 years, having moved away from our previous travel provider. Our dedicated Travel Manager, Ted Millerick, is always available to help – any time of the day and night. His wealth of travel experience has helped us to avoid unnecessary expense and he has actually sourced flights that were not available on the open market, enabling us to make some last minute travel where our competitors were not able to do so. The entire team at Dial A Flight are all extremely helpful. If Ted is not available or not working on a given day then Gavin, Callum and Oscar are always willing to step in and give guidance.

Laura Wharmby
McLarens Aviation

Dial A Flight have been our Travel Partners for 12+ years. Their bespoke solutions specific to our business are second to none. Damian Paterson is our Travel Manager. We would be truly lost without him. You name it, they can source it and at truly comparable prices. Moving large teams of people to events around the world is not easy, but DAF manage it with no complaints. Whether long, or short haul the attention to detail remains consistent, nothing is too much trouble or too hard to work around. DAF were nothing short of miracle workers when COVID-19 struck. We can’t wait to get back to normality, start traveling again and getting Damian and his team to pull rabbits out of hats!! Did I mention that they also do personal travel too? Legends.

Marcia Redman
SET Creative

Together, we have more than 3,000 years of travel experience making our team probably the best travelled and most knowledgeable travel experts in the UK.

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Over 40 years in the travel industry

We bring a fresh and creative approach to the world of corporate travel with an unrivalled passion to provide extra-ordinary service levels which you won’t find anywhere else. From short trips to complicated itineraries, our goal is to work as an extension of your team and our 24/7 cover and popular DialAFlight App mean that we are always with you! Coupled with our unique, low fee-no fee model, DialAFlight Corporate Travel gives you an affordable travel solution with a personal service that is impossible to beat.

And as a Lotus Group Company, one of the UK’s most successful private companies, you will benefit from our huge buying power as well as financial protection. DialAFlight Corporate Travel, there really is no better way to look after your company’s travel needs.

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