Why working with DialAFlight is right for your business

Why working with DialAFlight is right for your business

People in charge of buying travel often tell us the hardest part of their job is finding a travel company who can help them to save costs but still provide fantastic service. It always seems to be one or the other.

With no contracts or minimum spend, DialAFlight works in a very unique way and we do exactly that - save you money without sacrificing service. Discover why 2038 other companies just like yours trust us to look after their travel.

You name it, they can source it and at truly comparable prices. Moving large teams of people to events around the world is not easy, DialAFlight manage it with no complaints. Leading event agency

Your personal travel team are always there for you

Good old fashioned customer service is at our core

Your dedicated travel team will always be there for you. This way they get to know as much about your company's travel requirements as you do. After all, why should you have to repeat all the fine detail every time you make a booking.

It really won't be long before you discover we're the kind of people who - when you put the phone down - you know there's one less thing to worry about.

DialAFlight has become such an integral part of our business that we would be lost without their travel expertise. We work so closely it feels like they are colleagues sitting in the office next door. Magellan Aerospace

Over 40 years in the travel industry

The UK's most trusted travel experts

We introduced our fresh and creative approach to the world of corporate travel over 40 years ago. And with an unrivalled passion to provide extraordinary service levels, along with our no contract or minimum spend policy, we believe you will struggle to find the same level of expertise, value or service anywhere else.

And with 98% of our customers saying they would book with us again, there really is no better way to look after your company's travel needs.

We simply haven't been able to find the same personal level of service from any other travel company. Geoquip Marine

‘You are the only travel agent I use. And if you Google my name you'll see that I was at ABTA for 20 years - so I know a lot of travel agents. Good service is hard to find, so I am very happy to recognise it.’ Keith Betton, Former Head of Corporate Affairs at ABTA

Learn why 2038 other companies just like yours trust us to look after their travel.

Over 40 years in the travel industry

Our Commitment

  • Dedicated travel team

  • Emergency 24/7 support

  • Travel policies supported

  • Passport and visa support

  • Triple protection for your money

Exceptional Value

  • Access to wide ranging airfares

  • Great value ground product

  • Flexible bookings

  • No contract or minimum spend

  • Full management reporting

Dedicated Service

  • Loyalty programmes managed

  • Account management

  • Travel updates and mobile app

  • 98% would book with us again

  • Over 42 years' experience

For the best customer service, no commitment, and to save your company money...

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