Are you ready for Independence Day?

Starting your own business is a big move
but you'll have 113 travel experts to help you

You won't be on your own
Flights team 19 people
Hotels team 32 people
IT support 12 people
Car rentals 10 people
Marketing team 9 people
24/7 support 12 people
Training team 8 people
Business support 11 people

If you're thinking of starting your own business you'll need an answer to one important question...

But it's not what you'd think.

Naturally you'll want to know: 'How much money can I earn? How is commission split? When do I get paid? Can I bring my existing customers?' And lots more besides.

But your single most important question must be:

'How much support will I be getting?'

Because, more than anything, this will determine how successful you'll be.

If we accept you as a Concierge you'll be looked after by the most experienced people in travel. They support our own sales teams and they'll look after you too.

You'll use amazing technology which makes bookings or amendments easy.

You'll access special rates for flights and hotels you won't find anywhere else.

And you'll have the halo effect from more than £10 million of consumer advertising.

As a DialAFlight Concierge this gives you instant credibility.

What's more, you'll enjoy many of the same benefits as our full timers...

  • You can travel for free on our unique Air Miles scheme
  • See your favourite superstars from our Suite at the O2 Arena
  • Book our conference rooms for meeting important customers
  • Use our Business team to help win corporate clients

Does any other company even come close?

If you'd like to discuss becoming a Concierge then it's time for a chat.

Call Chris Pyne on 0161·953·5763. Or drop him a line with your contact number.

You can read more about how DialAFlight grew from a tiny office above an old warehouse in Soho 42 years ago to the £400 million company it is today.

Happily we haven't lost the personal touch - our philosophy is still to have fun and make money, in that order.

Now, you can too.

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